No Bucket List Here

I don’t want to stop and think about all of the things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”. It took me awhile to figure out where “bucket List” came from. Seems fairly obvious now. I’ve heard a lot of talk about bucket lists this past year. Granted, I’ve never been very goal-oriented, so I’m thinking this has something to do with my aversion to lists of this sort.

I don’t know if I’ll start a bucket list. What if I don’t do it all? What if I can’t think of enough things on my own? What if everything seems silly or unattainable? What if I stop doubting my every thought?

I’m pretty sure my daughter has a bucket list and she’s been crossing off things. That’s her personality, not mine. Good chance she’ll do quite well with her list.

I’m going to think about a bucket list…
What’s on your bucket list?


Back to the Mat

After much procrastinating I’ve decided to get back to my yoga mat and create some change. As wonderful as the practice of yoga is, like any form of exercise, it’s a challenge to start up again after taking time off. I was reassured this week when I read an article that commented on the fact that a yoga practice is just that, practice. You’re not necessarily supposed to become great at it you’re just supposed to keep practicing it because just doing it at all is the reward.

So I have the space, the tools (mat, strap, blanket), the time, and finally the renewed desire. My expectations are great: flexibility, stamina, clarity, and some peace.

There are numerous wonderful resources on my bookshelf and online so I really have no excuses not to build a great practice. Today being Sunday I think I’ll start with some restorative poses and get ready for the week. First up, Legs Up The Wall Pose. An excellent pose after a long day of anything!

What Have You Done For You Lately

Remember that Janet Jackson song, What Have You Done For Me Lately? Well I think that if I waited around for people to do things for me my life would be in a sad state of affairs.

So I keep this in mind: What have I done for me lately? First thing that comes to mind is how am I taking care of myself? Well, I’m getting too much sleep so that’s not good. Trying to get up earlier by having my husband bring me a cup of coffee in bed at 5:00 – it’s helping a lot and 7 – 8 hours of sleep is plenty. Started going back to the YMCA a couple of weeks ago. My attendance is sporadic but I’m trying, and the reward of a steam after the workout will generally get me moving. I applied to teach yoga at the Y as well. Just something I’ve been putting off for way too long so that would take care of a long time goal.

I think the best thing any of us can do for ourselves is just to be intentional in what we ARE doing. Consciously slowing down now and then can have a dramatic difference in how we experience our day.

Wandering Cluelessly thru Social Media

As I’ve been wandering cluelessly through the world of social media I’ve noticed there’s just a whole lot going on here. Almost crazy how “in touch” people are these days. Of course, no one seems to be picking up the phone and talking to a real voice or stopping by someone’s home to say “hi” and share a cup of joe. But, nonetheless there seem to be a lot of relationships developing. Lots of them. People very anxious to meetup with each other at conferences and blogging events all over the country. So I imagine that’s a good thing.

I’ve also noticed “giveaways” seem to happen constantly. I’m certain you could enter one every minute or so somewhere on twitter or facebook or wherever you hang out online. Here’s a valuable one: Enter to Win a Webs Pro Website Package $250 Value! A website from – I’d love to have someone do beautiful work for me!
This is from a blog I follow I entered – who knows, right! And it would be very cool to have my own “space” for a blog… and whatever else I need to share.

Magazine Mind

I just figured out why I enjoy reading blogs so very much. I’ve always been a huge fan of magazines. They have lots of pictures, the articles are short and the content is varied.

Kind of like grown up picture books.

1 of 8

I’m a middle child of eight children. There are, of course, 2 middle children, myself and my sister. I’m one of four girls, the youngest. I have four brothers, which is a wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong, the sisters are really quite wonderful also, I just really enjoy brothers.

I just read a twitter profile that stated she was the “mom of 5, yes five”. This just made me think of how different and special (and now, unusual) large families can be. What if everyone was from a small family? How different are those dynamics? I had to share with 7 people. And I’m sure they wanted to take my stuff regardless of whether or not it was age appropriate. That and the fact that I’m in the middle probably has something to do with my passive nature. I was never up for the fight.

Being part of a large family I’m obliged to deal with many different personalities on a regular basis. We cover stubborn, compassionate, passive, aggressive, passive/aggressive, flippant, terse, loving, arrogant, wise, and affable to name a few traits. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser I greatly appreciate these differences and it has certainly been a lesson in communication and learning how to connect with people.

As a child, I’m sure there were many times I wanted to be an only child. Glad it didn’t turn out that way!

Hall Monitoring 101

When my time opened up recently I decided I’d like to do some volunteer work. My sister told me of a Front Door Greeter position at the high school and I figured I could handle the task (one morning a week). When I told my son (who attends the school) he didn’t seem mortified so I accepted the position. Everything went just fine once the visiting administrators learned they needed to be role models and always carry their ID. All visitors must show an ID. Most visitors are a bit put off by this request. Too bad. Really, you shouldn’t be driving over here without your license anyway. But I won’t get into that…

After a few weeks of volunteering I was asked to substitute for one of the para-professionals. The training was light. “Take this walkie-talkie and wander the halls.” I did make them teach me how to use the walkie-talkie as they have always made me a bit nervous. Not sure why but something to do with the fact that my voice is in many parts of a building at one time. Just odd, that’s all.

Now I don’t really know the job description of a para (as they call them) but I spent a lot of time monitoring the halls. Walking and walking and walking. Great exercise but I did feel my brain might be melting. I know that I’m supposed to tell the kids to take off hats and take out one earbud if they’re using two. Beyond that, I really don’t look very threatening so… I do ask some of them if they have their Hall Pass. They always have an excuse, I expect them to being that they are teenagers and I don’t look very threatening.

I’ve thought about just praying the rosary as I walk the halls. It would be time well spent. Some of these kids just look agonized and I do feel for them. High School can be so difficult for all of the wrong reasons.

Some observations:
I am so glad I’m not in high school. Walking past classrooms and catching some of the lectures just made me cringe.

I am so glad I didn’t make out in the halls.

I wish I had taken Home Economics, which they now call Food. I think. That hall always smells great.